Axure RP Training Course in London

Axure RP Training Course in London
Course Price: £450
Course Type: Classroom Based, instructor-led and Hands-on
Location: Kings Cross, London

When is this course running

Classes Date Day(s)
10:00 - 17:00 Mon Mon, 25 Nov 2019 1 Reserve

Axure RP Course overview

Enroll on the Axure RP Course if you want to learn a range of methods and techniques that will enable you to navigate the various Axure software confidently.

Understanding the fundamentals of Axure RP is a key element to this course and the one-to-one tailored tuition will engage students and teach them essential elements key to thriving in the workplace.

Our Axure RP course can be held in the evening or weekends on a part time basis so is perfect for those with a hectic schedule. With tutors that have acquired years of industry  experience, students can be confident they are learning from professionals who know what they are talking about.

The course is tailored to each individual so no matter what your learning style or pace is, you will feel at ease in our classroom based setting.


Michael Dotpeak
Michael Dotpeak

Prerequisites for our Axure RP course

  • You should be able to user computer and internet

What will I learn?

  • Design Axure
  • Axure Document
  • Collaboration in Axure
  • Projects in Axure Training
  • Project 1: Create a Sitemap
  • Project 2: Create a Website Home page Wireframe
I wish Adobe XD and Figma had the prototyping abilities of Axure RP.
From the looks of it, someone on the Sketch team has been working with Axure RP and thought their UX was...good? 😅
Stephanie Warner Bros
It was challenging at a good level, we worked through real life scenarios and didn't just improve something but really enhanced it.
Robert United Nations
Very well presented course. There is a lot to learn, and there were some good handouts to practice from home.