MySQL for Database Administrators (SQL-4502) Training Course in London

Course Price:
Course Type: Classroom Based, instructor-led and Hands-on
Location: Kings Cross, London

When is this course running

Course is not currently running, contact us for more information about this course.

MySQL for Database Administrators (SQL-4502) Course overview

If you want to learn MySQL for Database Administrators (SQL-4502) using a variety of techniques and tools then our MySQL for Database Administrators (SQL-4502) course is exactly what you need.

The courses content will help delegates understand the basis for MySQL for Database Administrators (SQL-4502) so that they can competently navigate independently through different software. You will learn essential components of MySQL for Database Administrators (SQL-4502).

Our MySQL for Database Administrators (SQL-4502) course will allow you to interact with the tutor on a one-to one basis and receive tailored help to suit your learning needs.Our tutors have had years of industry practice and can offer course times to suit your busy schedule, whether that be in the evening or on weekends.

This short MySQL for Database Administrators (SQL-4502) course in London is hands-on, instructor-led and classroom based in London. This training can be taken as a part-time evening course or even on the weekends.

Prerequisites for our MySQL for Database Administrators (SQL-4502) course

  • Attend the MySQL for Beginners course or some experience with Relational Databases and SQL.
  • MySQL for Beginners (SQL-4401)

What will I learn?

  • Introduction
  • MySQL Architecture
  • The MySQL Server
  • Configuring the MySQL Server
  • MySQL Clients
  • Overview of Data Types
  • Metadata
  • Storage Engines
  • Partitioning
  • Transactions and Locking
  • Security and User Management
  • Table Maintenance
  • Exporting and Importing Data
  • Programming with MySQL
  • Views
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Introduction to Performance Tuning
  • Introduction to High Availability
  • Conclusion
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Stephanie Warner Bros
It was challenging at a good level, we worked through real life scenarios and didn't just improve something but really enhanced it.
Robert United Nations
Very well presented course. There is a lot to learn, and there were some good handouts to practice from home.